01. Host Virtual and Hybrid Events of all Sizes

Whether your attendees are remote, on site, or a mix of both – that shouldn’t stop you from creating an impactful event. OPADE brings a unique blend of state-of-the-art technology with event management expertise, helping you create an event experience for a lifetime. Leverage an advanced platform technology that allows you to solidify your brand, engage your audience and ensure business growth. From board meetings to educational webinars, expand beyond your physical space and organise multiple sessions in concurrent live breakout rooms.

02. In-depth Customisation Possibilities

An event presents the ideal opportunity to showcase your brand. We help you create an experience that aligns with your brand image, including colours, logos and other graphics. Attendees joining from a different country? OPADE has you covered! Tailor the interface language, fields of interest, and your event’s time zone to match your consumer preferences. Coupled with custom monetization payment integrations, OPADE helps you create immersive, intuitive user experiences.

03. Boost Attendee Engagement

What’s a great event without audience interaction? OPADE offers several tools to keep your audience engaged. Presentations come equipped with quizzes, polls, games, and other social integration measures to make your sessions fun and interactive. And that’s not all – OPADE’s omnichannel interaction allows attendees to navigate around the event. Want to interact with presenters in real-time? Users can enter individual rooms and access on-demand content. OPADE allows user-to-user interaction for unique networking opportunities complete with gamification, social sharing, and webcasting – powered by sophisticated AI technology to design a unique customer journey.

04. Leverage Advanced Monetization Features

Sponsorship and revenue-generating options are the primary prerequisites for any modern-day event. OPADE provides unique sponsor features that allow increased visibility and seamless integration. Virtual booths offer an ideal opportunity to drive qualified leads by leveraging detailed engagement tools for online events. Sponsors are assigned a branded exhibition area with private meeting space for 1:1 communication. Sponsors can keep the event online, allowing them to leverage more revenue streams through on-demand content as long as they wish.

05. Make Informed Decisions through Analytics

Dive deep into session analytics and ideate innovative strategies to enhance ROI with the help of advanced insights into your event data. OPADE helps you make informed, data-driven decisions using key metrics such as session popularity, attendance, speaker quality, submission rates, and more. Utilising multiple touchpoints, OPADE analytics provides a clear view of your event effectiveness. This can help highlight areas of improvement and pinpoint critical strengths. With a clear picture of the attendee journey, companies can create presentations and events optimised to push people further down the funnel, ultimately enhancing ROI.

06. Tailored to your Needs – À la Carte Packages

Events come in all shapes and sizes – and OPADE is there to help you every step of the way. No matter the number of attendees or the number of days, you can host your event with ease. Choose what’s best for you and leave the rest to us. Have no experience hosting an event? Our full-service package comes with expert assistance to help you in preparing and hosting the event. Or else, utilise our platform only as a licensed software solution – the choice is yours! With our unique event management experience and advanced tech stack, we provide valuable support for every client.

07. Benefit from our Service Modules

We are wholly committed to making your event a resounding success. Our event management professionals assist you in hosting a hi-tech event that helps drive ROI with the help of an end-to-end technology platform. Our team follows international quality management standards and is backed by our collective experience of hosting hundreds of successful events. With a dedicated support team for every event, we have experts guiding you from the inception to the execution of the event. Ultimately, with our commitment to customer satisfaction, OPADE is a reliable partner when it comes to achieving your event goals.

08. Enhanced Data Security and Compliance

OPADE invests in creating a highly secure virtual environment that offers maximum protection. Our robust security protocols are designed to keep our tech stack prepared to withstand any potential challenges. We practice complete adherence to GDPR regulations, striving to exceed industry standards for security protocols. With a global presence, OPADE allows you to host secure events wherever you want. We encrypt your data transfer from both ends – eliminating any chance to create a potential security challenge.

09. Local Taxation Consultation

With live and hybrid events experiencing a drastic rise in popularity, different authorities worldwide have formulated laws to tax revenue generated through said events. Tax laws differ from country to country and can become a challenge. OPADE offers expert assistance in navigating the legal pitfalls – which can include the purpose and content of the event – to help you identify the best fit for your organisation. Our experts remain abreast of all critical developments in tax rules and regulations worldwide, allowing event hosts to make informed decisions.


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